Posted by: Tammy | August 10, 2011

Meet Tammy

Who: Tammy Mathews

Personal:  Happily married for 24 years, I met my husband at my high school’s first ever computer science class.  Kurt and I are the proud parents of a wonderful, smart, very funny son Casey.

Work:  I have the best job and the terrific fortune to work at Sage ( in various capacities since 1991.  Currently serving as the Senior Director of Product Marketing for North America, I work across Sage to help shape and evangelize our strategy.  Although if you ask my friends they’ll probably tell you I work for the CIA.  Ask me about it and I’ll tell you a story.

Passions:  I love riding dirt bikes, camping, playing with my three dachshunds, doing anything crafty (currently crocheting), writing, Zumba and spending time friends and family.

Turnoffs:  Chronic negativity.  The glass is only as full as one chooses to see it.

Disclaimer:   The views expressed in my blog are my own personal thoughts, and do not necessarily reflect the strategies, position, or opinions of my employer, Sage.


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