Posted by: Tammy | July 30, 2012

Celebrating 20 Years

This past Sunday marked my 20th anniversary with Sage.  I know you’re probably thinking, “My goodness she doesn’t look old enough to have worked for Sage that long”.  Well thank you, since I still feel 20 years old most days I would agree with you.  🙂  My hairstylist who I kept gainfully employed in hair coloring services however will attest to the fact that Sage doesn’t hire child labor.

Me and my Hairdresser (mom) in Boston taken after a BusinessWorks class I taught.

A Time for Reflection:  For me, major milestones are a time for reflection.  When I began my career with Sage (then Manzanita Software) in 1992, PC software was still in its infancy.  With its black screen and white flashing cursor, Microsoft DOS was the reigning king and 5.25 floppy diskettes were how desktop software like BusinessWorks got installed.  Microsoft Outlook was not yet main stream and when we needed to pass messages to each other in Manzanita’s support department we would scribble them out on telephone message sheets.

Mobile phones were available but I was one of the few people in my circle of friends that had one so there wasn’t really anyone to call.  And, while the Internet existed it was not yet being widely used so the idea that anyone would download an app to a phone seemed about as farfetched as the idea that a device the size of a deck of cards could hold all the music one could ever hope to listen to.

Big Software a Thing of the Past?  A lot has changed since I began my career at Sage.  Hairstyles are a lot less poofy and now thanks to the internet so is the software.  Cloud solutions, mobile apps and software as a service have introduced small businesses to the idea that you need only buy what you want to consume and for as long as the service provides value to you.

And while Sage’s history may have begun with robust applications installed on local servers its future is about smaller more intuitive applications deployed in the cloud and consumed as a service.  Thankfully, Sage not only has a strong vision for the future but has also made some very big (and difficult) changes to ensure we can get there.

The speed of change we are beginning to experience right now is like nothing we’ve seen in the past.  This is a very thrilling time to be in business of servicing small businesses (with technology) and I’m excited about Sage’s future and feel fortunate to be part of a team that’s making a difference in the lives of so many small businesses.

Thank you.  My relationship with the Sage has lasted longer than most marriages and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sage (Manzanita Software, State of the Art and Best), its employees, partners and customers for enriching my life.  I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to be part of this community and get to work every day at a job I truly love with people I genuinely like.  A very special thanks to Robin DeLeone for introducing me to Manzanita Software.  I owe you big time!!!

Here’s to many, many more wonderful years together.





  1. Oh my… the post and trip down memory lane was fun but … your hair!!!! I love it!

    Were you headed out to a Bon Jovi concert that day? 🙂

    (I will hold back my personal photos of that time with my hair feathered back)

  2. @Peter. Love it. I’ll be expecting to see your 90’s look on Summit Diaries.

  3. I too love the big hair and had some “Charlie’s Angels wings” myself around that time. Also loved the walk down memory lane, since I was right there with you along the way 🙂 It was fun then and is more fun just faster today. The most fun is continuing to walk/run this course together. Happy Anniversary!

  4. This is very inspirational!!! I feel fortunate of being part of a great company with such caring people.

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