Posted by: Tammy | August 8, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

It was about a year ago today I made a life changing decision, but not any kind of run of the mill life changing decision. And not even something I thought would be life changing at the time.  As I was traveling back from a business conference, on a seemingly uneventful flight, I decided I wanted a motorcycle license.


Kind of crazy as many pointed out.  After all, riding a motorcycle it’s not a hobby that a directionally challenged, conventional, non-risk taking, middle-aged mom and wife from my walk of life or vocation would generally consider.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep after a long work week, or perhaps it was the realization that I needed better work/life balance, but traveling back on that flight the decision was made – I was going to get a motorcycle.  In fact it came over me so strongly and immediately that one might say it was divine inspiration. 

So armed with my enthusiasm (aka stubbornness) I shared the exciting news with my very surprised if not somewhat disbelieving husband, Kurt.  Announcements like this are very much out of character in my household so I’m sure he thought in the clear light of morning I might have a change of heart.  But far from it, I had caught a bug and wanted to ride NOW.   Within a matter of weeks I had completed the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation training), passed my motorcycle DMV test, purchased a motorcycle and joined Women on Wheels motorcycle club. My husband being the supportive guy he is, followed me on my adventure and did the same.

As I reflect back on this past year, I’ve come to realize and greatly appreciate how a seemingly small choice can have a significant impact on one’s life and bring with it so many gifts in return.  During the year I’ve experienced pure exhilaration, empowerment, freedom, joy, peace and a sense of accomplishment that has been unrivaled. I’ve traveled over 15,000 miles on my BMW F700GS, completed a long distance ride spanning California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming (totaling 2903 miles) and completed my first long distance solo ride from Ogden Utah to Colter Bay Wyoming (273 miles / 5.5 hours).  My biggest riding victory however was completing a 689 miles (10.5 hours saddle time) in one day.  But the experiences I have valued the most have been the new friendships I’ve formed that have truly enriched my life.  I will forever cherish the memories my new friends and I have created together.  Thank you ladies.

So while my sense of direction has only mildly improved, my sense of adventure has been expanded beyond my wildest dreams; all because of small choice I made on a late night flight back from Nashville on August 17, 2012. 

So if you’re facing a crossroads big or small I hope you’ll be encouraged to take the road less traveled. After all, you never know how a seemingly insignificant decision can bring some amazing gifts your way. 




  1. Oh Tammy, I so admire your sense of adventure and drive to make things a reality.

  2. That’s so kind of you. Thank you Doris.

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